Bubble SearchBox: search for typed text

I have a search box and a repeating group with different content types. I’m showing RG data that contains the search box value (tag). That’s fine, but if i type the exact text corresponding to the tag in the search box without selecting the value in the dropdown then i won’t get any matches because there’s no text field in the RG content type that corresponds to the tag.

Is there a way to get around this?

Any advice appreciated!

out of this reason i like to use an input.
below the input you can show a group/ group focus with search suggestions depending on what you type, using the search & autocorrect plugin.
It is covered in a video tutorial here: https://youtu.be/gF8mpZtfWLU

Thanks @TipLister that’s probably the best way forward. It’s a shame because the bubble search box looks slicker.

In the end i used a database trigger to add the tag text to a field in the repeating group type FYI.

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