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As of yesterday, bubble search boxes are no longer being read as text inputs in the editor/preview. i.e. the mouse pointer show a hand instead of the l symbol when hovering over the search input. Tested in Safari and Chrome.

It has not changed for the live version of the site, and I have not made any changes to the searchbox. I also added a new searchbox to check and I’m seeing the same behaviour on the new one.

Is anyone else seeing the same thing? Unfortunately, I can’t deploy a new version to see if it’s only an issue with the preview/editor, risking to break the live version.

@josh @Emmanuel did something change on bubbles end that could be the cause? Not sure if I should file a bug report or not.

Looks like it’s an issue with air/date time picker. If there’s an instance of the air date/time picker plugin on the page same page as a searchbox, it makes the searchbox into a button it seems?

makes no sense, but that’s what it looks like. filing a bug report, not sure if anything will come of it, if it is an issue with the plug in, albeit a very very strange one.

If you’ve narrowed it down to a plugin conflict, I would suggest contacting the plugin dev about it. I’m afraid Bubble will likely tell you the same thing.

Quick test for you. I put an air date time picker and a searchbox and can confirm that the pointer changes

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If you hover over the preview button, you’ll also see an option to view the page without community plug-ins. That might provide some useful info as well.

Yup, tried that and multiple other tests now and I keep seeing the same behaviour.

I will post in the plugin thread, but seems like there’s not much response from the plug in dev in that thread on multiple other issues. So might be another dead end with problematic plug ins. :frowning:

So here is the deal. The plugin adds a css to input[type=text] globally which is cursor:pointer. Now the searchbox has this type. Other input fields are input[type=input] that’s why they don’t change.

Here is a quick fix for you: Add an ID to the searchbox and add a custom header to the page #inputidhere input[type=text]{cursor:text!important;}

add an ID to datepicker
add a custom header to the page input[type=text]{cursor:text!important;} #datepickeridhere input[type=text]{cursor:pointer!important;}

F@%ing brilliant! Thank you. If I could by you a beer or two I would.

Thank you for that.

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