Searching for a new project

Hi guys!

It seems that some members of my team have installed the turbo mode and completed all the tasks without waiting for the deadline. So we can take 1-2 new front-end related projects or develop a custom plugin. Top priority tasks are welcome.

We’ll send our portfolio on your request.

Our plugins are here

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Congratulations. Great that you are doing so well.

How about a plugin that calculates age? As far as I can see, there is nothing that really does this well.

I use there now

I now use ‘Relative Time with Moment.js’ plugin for that.

But when I calculate my age with this plugin, he says I’m 41 while I won’t be 41 until March.

This is an topic about this issue. Without a real solution.

I would like to see demo pages for preview of the plugins in action as well as editor views to see how it is put together on page. The links would be preferably placed on the plugin page possible under instructions.

Some date minus some other date is a “duration” in Bubble (“durations” exist ONLY for formatting… format them as you need… don’t forget the decimal places).

Some date:formatted as Unix (ms or sec) minus some other date:formatted as Unix (ms or sec) is the duration as a number of ms or seconds. (Do the math yourself.)

I’m sure there are other solutions as well.

Hi! Description of plugins updated, demo available everywhere