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Searching functionality: "contains" operation

Hi, Bubblers.
I’m working on a search functionality for my end-users.

I have a Thing called “Sports”. And several entries in DB for that thing: football, basketball, tennis, hockey, etc.
On search page I have:

  • input field,
  • button to trigger a WF (send value from input field to repeating group),
  • repeating group (to display results of a search).

What I want to achieve: search for all sports whose name contains value entered in Search input (full name or just a part of it).
Example: user types “ball” and presses search button. In the repeating group all sports with “ball” (basketball, football) in their names should be displayed.

When I type in full name of a sport (football) - the search works and I can see football in my repeating group.
When I type only “ball” - nothing is found (nor “football”, nor “basketball”)

The expression for data source of a repeating group is: Do a search for a Sport where "sports_name contains search_input’s value"
So as I understand, “contains” operation should help us to look for Sport just by a part of a name.

Am I wrong?

Updated. Just found topic with the same question: Searching Repeating Group with Wildcard
So, partial-word matching is not supported now.

Maybe you could add a field for “tags” or partial words, then search that field. Like the sports thing could have a field for “football” and another field with “foot ball fot foo bal” and so on. That would help catch misspellings too.

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