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This is my second post in the forums, the platform is so simple to use that you barely need help figuring the functions out, however this time im rather stuck and reaching out for help to solve my proof of concept.

See attached Screenshot for reference:

See test case here for your perusal:

In this above test case im trying to match the Title of a single database entry field “wants input” in a repeating group to the single page title that was sent data from the previous screens repeating group.

With the above i have used the function ( contains ), the “wants input contains current page have’s have input” the issue im having is that the match contains only lists the title in repeating groups if the an exact match or all the words from the title are in the repeating group.

What im trying to do is match any one or two words in a title and only display the matching titles.

This is what bubble does:
Example 1: Match word (Playstation 3 model PS3) with ( Playstation ), using the contain function then there is no match.

Example 2: Match word (Playstation 3 model PS3) with (Playstation 3 model PS3) perfect match no problem

Example 3: Match word (Playstation) with (Playstation 3 model PS3), this works because the word playstation is in the sentence.

Example 4: match word (Playstation 3 model PS3) with (Playstation 3), this does not match

Example 5: Match word (Playstation 3 model PS3) with (Playstation 3 console) this does not match because console does not exist in the matched phrase.

What i would like is for Playstation to match almost anything with the word playstation in it. So it works like related content /posts

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

Hmm… The only thing I can think of to help solve this problem would be to create a new field in your dataset of things being search and call it “Tagged,” and have it be a list of texts. Then you search for the stuff, you can just do:

Tags contains Current Page Have’s Have Input:lowercase

The reason I would add the lowercase, is to field the input to make it all lowercase, as the search would be Case Sensitive (if I am not mistaken?) You would then also need to make sure all of your tags are lowercase.

I don’t know if this is the best solution, or is helpful, but is the first thing that came to mind.

Thank you for the response, im sure there is an easier way to deal with this? I have searched forums and cant find any topics on this with exact relevance.

Hey @themeyer, look into the Search & Autocorrect plugin. It’s more flexible in terms of partial word and case sensitivity searching. Add the plugin element to your page and define the thing to search plus the field to search.

Then your repeating group’s data source should be changed to “Search & Autocorrect’s Matches”

Try that!

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Thank you, that worked like a charm!! Much appreciated @romanmg

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Wow! I had never used that plugin before! Thanks for sharing, Gaby!

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