Searching through a table with approxamitely 50K records

I am creating an app that will search through approximately 50k records in one table. Each record has about 8 fields that will return text to the page. The search is currently only searching against 2 fields Name and Title. Will Bubble be able to handle searches of this many records with the possibility of 100-1000 users using this search?

Sure. Although you won’t be displaying them all on the page at once, you’ll be paginating them.

One search field for name and text OR seperate fields? Only asking because it would impact implementation.

Also consider how often there will be multiple searches in one session as that may change how you set it up in terms of back end or front end searching…

The search will be matching text from either the Name field or the Title field. Then return the selected results from the search box. This one search box should be the only thing the user can retrieve data from but each user could be searching for data at the same time. Is this what you mean?