Over 10-30k users, can bubble handle it?

I am building an app at the moment and i would like to finally understand this unasnwered question, can bubble scale?
Lets say i have a one page app with several pages, about 5-6 do a search for in each page (searching through about several thousans of records each) could i have about 10k-30k users logged on to the platform and have it functioning at once?
Has anyone done it?

Hi there @tomerlan5,

I think that there hasn’t been a solid answer to this question because it’s different per use case. What I mean is that users may have different database structures which alter results.

My recommendation is just to build your app, read around the forums about best database structure and check out this @AirDev guide as well as this speed guide from AirDev.

Once you build your app, start off with the Personal plan, then scale up to Professional as needed! Hope this helps :blush: