Second, third, etc level down "This..."

Dear bubble,
This has come up so many times for me and the work around is sooooo time consuming.

Can we PLEASE get infinitely nested access to the “This…” function?
Here’s what I mean:

In the screenshot, I am scheduling an api workflow on a list of “Inventory quantities”. At the first level, bubble gives me access to the “This inventory quantity” as you can see underlined.

At the bottom, I am trying to filter a separate list (list of data type called Coffee) and I want to filter that list using “This Inventory Quantity” as a constraint but as you can see from the screenshot, this doesn’t exist.

The same issue arises when you have a “format as text” function. You get access to the the “This text” but you don’t get access to the object one level up as shown here:

We get this when we do a search

I can solve this with a plugin and I have done so in the past but it would save SO much time if I didn’t have to, obviously.

Please tell me this has been requested many times before and it is in the works?


Funny enough I’ve been running into this more and more often recently – I lose my “This”… and suddenly have to make some gnarly “Do a Search For” inside of a “Do a Search For”…

Is there an ideaboard item for this?


I just looked and I really don’t know what to search for other than:

I will submit one now and if there is a duplicate (insert shrugging face emoji here)

Submitted to idea board:

Just FYI… you probably won’t be able to see that idea on the ideaboard for a bit.

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I’ll be eagerly upvoting once it appears!

However this is more of a “power user” feature and I don’t want to be pessimistic… but these usually don’t go too far. :confused: Too many “I want AI” and “I want native app”. :upside_down_face:


I’m certainly not holding my breath. The “please tell me this has been requested…” was not a real question.

here is another example of this limitation:

I have “This Coffee” in the advanced filter option but when I try to do a filter on the filter, I no longer have “this coffee” available:

I don’t know what the workaround yet but I do know it’s going to take me much longer to implement that it would if we had the expected capabilities

Almost 2 months later and still not up on the idea board

Reason I’m checking is because I just ran into this issue again but in a way that my custom plugin I wrote doesn’t solve this particular situation. I’m spending hours trying to find a workaround which would be solved in seconds if this feature existed.