Section Video Background

Hey folks. Does anybody know a way to create a video background for a group? I’d like to have a “hero” section of the page, but the ability to scroll down and away from the video. I don’t want the entire page to have the background – just a 640px group near the top…

Bump. Anybody?

I’m also interested

There are many ways to do this:

  1. There are many community plugins that lets you upload a video BG and let the user change controls (autoplay, loop, etc). You can just go to the plugins tab and search video background.

  2. HTML element using “src=https://video.url” as a class attribute. You can opt for your own css stylesheet. Setting Z-index = -1 will be important for the video to play in the background, below your other elements.

  3. youtube/vimeo embed links, and just set the video element to Z-index: -1 !important using css.


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