Partial page Background Video

I see how you can make an entire page have a background video (w/‘Background style’ set to video) but is it possible to do that easily for just part of a page (like many home pages do now w/a background video at the top of the page and headline text overlaid on it)? Thanks.

Yep. Just add a video visual element and lay other elements on top of it!


Thanks Tal. On adding a video element, only video source options are YouTube, Vimeo. Wanted to use a downloaded mp4 file (and just upload that video to use as the background image). And also not have any of the hosted video overlays like titles, etc.

Download the “Video.JS” plugin. There are other options too for video elements, but that one should work fine!


Had heard there were some issues w/that plugin but looks to be working great - much thanks!
Guess only can do this via plugin?

and do you know if it’s possible to somehow use multiple background videos, eg to cycle through a few diff ones?

you’d need to use multiple video elements and then add conditional statements to hide/unhide them, it’d be a workaround.

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