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Secure internal pages

I want to begin to push my application live for testing, but I need to make sure that all the pages with the exception of the index (login page) are secure. Meaning that they are only accessible once a user is logged in.

How do I do this


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You can add a workflow to each page that “on page load” “when user is not logged in” navigates them to the homepage.

A few additional ideas:

  • You can put this workflow into a reusable element and then put that element on all pages which makes it easy to update the logic in the this in the future
  • It may be easier to put this logic in a header that you’re using since that’s probably already on all of your pages
  • Users and bots may be able to see the content on these pages for a split second before they are redirected to the homepage. That means they could take a screenshot or bots could copy the whole page. If this is a problem, then the solution is move involved. You’d want to put all of the content on each of those sensitive pages into a group that is set to hidden by default and has a condition to display when the user is logged in.

Best of luck


Thanks Scott that should do the trick! I’m not storing sensitive information i just don’t want bots hitting the page creating false records.


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