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How to make user stay logged in without specifying on all pages?

Hello Guys,

How do I ensure that users don’t just copy the link to a page and access it without logging in? I also need to do this without specifying that the user should be logged on on all 50 pages.
Besides, most of the workflows already have a condition in the ‘when’ field, so how can i add this everywhere?
How do I achieve this?

You can set up the privacy rules on each data type so that data can’t access without the user logged in.

For screen, you can just create the workflow when the page loads (create the reusable components and load it on each page).

Hi @ankur1 . thanks for your response. I get the part about privacy, but I don’t understand the part about ‘screen’. which screen?

Create reusable components, in the workflow section - Create the workflow (When the page loads)=> signout the user if the user is not logged in.

Use that reusable component on each of the pages.

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate the help. I will try it.

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