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After reading a lot of Posts I still cannot do how to click on a picture to expand it up the entire mobile height. Here is a GIF of what I want to achieve. User click on a Picture. The picture goes up to the entire mobile height and user can swipe each picture right and left.

Image 2

Once the image will be full mobile screen, I will have to setup a Slide Show to show the user’s pictures.

I remember reading a Post where someone recommend create a Floating Group in a Floating Group with special parameters. But I couldn’t figure how to do it.

Can someone help me to describe how to expand a picture up to the entire mobile height screen.
Your help and support will be much appreciated.
Thanks. Pierre

Hi @3whiteshirts

You may need to experiment a bit with CSS to make that work. The free CSS Tools plugin may do the trick, have you checked that out?

I’m using this PLUGIN to get the PAGE-WIDTH and PAGE-HEIGHT… But I don’t understand the concept of Class and how to expand a Group to the Mobile-Height… I need some help…

You could check out my template for full screen images.

Any image ratio, any screen size or orientation the image will be centered horizontally and vertically and take up as much space as possible for the image ratio and screen size

Thanks for your Post. It looks like your PLUGIN pops up images to the mobile size but is it working with a Group? I’d like to popup a Group in which there is a slide show with the users pictures.

In addition, could you share a Bubble EDITOR demo with your plugin… As I must say, the explanations seems a bit “esoteric” for me :slight_smile: LOL

It is a template, not a plugin. If you checked out the link and pressed preview you’d be brought to this link

where you can preview the template functionality

The template was designed to show a single image in a floating group, with navigation arrows left and right to perform the slide show effect, so whatever image sources a template owner selects will be the source for the image slide show

Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 1.28.29 PM

There is also a group of plugins that are all free that were used to set everything up properly for mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Just make sure all plugins are installed, copy the group of plugins to a page, then copy the floating group, make sure all workflows are connected and any issue checker issues are resolved and it is all ready to be used once you connect an image datasource.


Yes to both of these concerns

Here is a demonstration of a browser window on a desktop getting resized and how the image is able to adjust accordingly…at the end I show a slide show


More can be found out here:

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