Seeking Bubble Dev Cofounder for Health Tech Startup

We are a first of its kind global assistive technology platform ( supporting clinicians and people living with a disability. We are seeking a Technical Cofounder or freelancer with Bubble experience passionate about disability and accessibility! Super flexible, possible equity, creativity and exciting year ahead in 2024. We can’t wait to hear from you.


I would love to be part of this, can i know more, as i look it your site its a market platform for gadget related to people with disability.

Hi, my name is Francois, i’m a web developper and specialized in Bubble since 2019. I’m French, but I leaved in the US from 2002 to 2004. I’m also the father of a 15 year old boy named zacharie who suffer from
Lissencephaly (a set of rare brain disorders). Me and my wife are taking care of him at home since day one. So I’m sensitive to your request. Would it be possible to know a little beat more about your project.

Francois B

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Hi there, just sent you a message regarding this. Will be patiently waiting for your reply. Thank you.

Hi Francois,
Hey Kevin, Thanks for reaching out and for sharing your journey with your son. I hope that everything is going well for your family and you have lots of laughter in the year ahead. My goal with Eazilee is to pay forward the knowledge of families like yours to make a difference to others and to enable us all to learn from each other so we don’t waste time missing out on the opportunities that new technology can provide. We are a pre revenue start up so we currently don’t have long term paid opportunities., BUT I am looking for someone to do some trial freelance work with the option to join the team if things are a good fit. I need someone interested in the Disability tech landscape and also who has great attention to detail when it comes to bubble dev and exp with accessible web design would be a bonus. Keen to learn more about your interest in this space and capacity. You can email me direct at Thanks again. Bec

I am an experienced Bubble developer with a strong passion for disability and accessibility.

Having worked extensively with Bubble, I have successfully executed various projects related to assistive technology platforms and disability support. I have a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by clinicians and people living with disabilities and strive to create innovative solutions that make a positive impact in their lives.
I am open to discussing all possibilities, including equity, and I am eager to learn more about your exciting plans for 2024.
Please feel free to reach out to me at I would be more than happy to connect and discuss how we can collaborate to create an exceptional platform that truly supports clinicians and people living with disabilities.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Harsha Vardhan

Hi, I am experienced bubble developer who wants to work on the regular paid work.
I think, this can be great fit for me.
Just ping me anytime if you are interested.
Or just mail me at at your convenient time.
Thanks and regards, Emil

Hello Sent you an email