Experienced Bubble developer (freelance) - weekly support required

Hi There

I currently have a Bubble app that is functioning well and customers on board - with many more wanting to come on now. My freelance developer has built it extensively however has moved on to a Bubble Dev agency and only accepts project-based work.

I am looking for someone to support me weekly (1-5 hrs varied per week) to iron out any bugs that crop up, make very small tweaks and changes, do some of the manual backend tasks where we haven’t yet automated. This could lead into more permanent building work depending on results etc. Not looking for huge changes at this stage, just to help me through the onboarding of new customers and their issues / requests.

Is this you?

  • An experienced bubble developer
  • High attention to detail, accurate and can work fairly quickly
  • You are open to the 1-5 hours weekly (demand driven)
  • Are flexible with when they can be done (and can be highly responsive, particularly where errors are concerned with transacting customers)
  • extremely comfortable building off the back of an existing build you can pick it up quickly without too much handover
  • can suggest improvements and able to build new simple features

If so , would love to hear from you - please get in contact with:

  • Timezone
  • Hourly rate (in $AU if possible please)
  • Previous work
  • When you can start? (ASAP preferably!)

Thanks very much!


Hi Victoria.
I may be of assistance. If you’d like to send me a PM, I can send you some examples of work, and workflows.

I have been using Bubble for the past 2 years now, and can say I’m very confident in my work.

You’re about to get a swarm of people replying to this, so figured I’d let you know what’s up!

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Hey There

Perfect, thanks so much! Will do

Hi Victoria
I have some capacity at the moment - will DM you.

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Thank you!

Hey @victoria

Sorry, I’m a little late to the party :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m from Sydney, Australia, and I run a Bubble Agency, Support Dept.

We have a pretty flexible approach to working with clients, with two major engagement models.

  1. We provide feedback, answer your questions and teach you to build and maintain an awesome app in Bubble. This is by far the most economical approach and keeps you in the driver’s seat.
  2. We take your instructions and build your app for you.

You can also mix and match 1 and 2 as best suits you and your budget. My pricing is all in USD as most clients are international clients. But happy to sort some AUD pricing for you.

Check out my website and the packages I offer and if you’d like to discuss further, book a call with me

Josh @ Support Dept
Helping no-code founders get unstuck fast :rocket:save hours, & ship faster with an expert :man_technologist: on-demand

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