Seeking help to build exciting project management app

Hi all, Elina here from Red Vine Records. I am seeking an experienced bubble developer to help build an exciting new web app. The app will be a project management tool that helps independent artists successfully release new music.

I have a strong vision of what I want the app to look like, I also have some no-code web design experience. However, I’m struggling to get started here on Bubble, and as I’ve read about the platform, the learning curve is quite steep.

The ideal candidate is an experienced bubbler and a good teacher who is willing to guide me through the basics of Bubble, get comfortable on the platform, and together build the bones of the web app. This will be paid hourly.

Feel free to reach out at if interested!


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Hey @elina.filice :wave:

Just sent you an email. :blush:

Talk with you soon!


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