Segment, Sendgrid and Bubble

I am building an MVP with Bubble. I am using Sendgrid for transactional emails. I want to implement to nurture contacts, send an NPS survey, etc.

After signing up, Segment requires a data warehouse such as Redshift, Postgres, Azure. I am not sure to understand that I need an additional database? Bubble could not store data required by Sendgrid integration?

What is your best tip if I want to manage events between applications and Bubble users?

I would imagine you could simply send click-stream data to Segment without adding a database. And, perhaps you can load in historic data through an excel import or similar?

I’m just guessing here - haven’t used segment in a number of years.

Another approach is to build a data warehouse to store click-stream and marketing data. We do this by using to pass click-stream data from our app to a custom database we’ve built. I’m sure you could then connect this database to segment. Seems like an extra unnecessary step if you’re using segment though as it should help replace this database I’d think.

Anyone else have experience with Segment?

I will watch if can help me. thanks

I’d focus on how you can get data into segment and keep it in sync with your Bubble database. may work but I’d start by looking into whether there’s a more direct route to pass your data to segment and keep it in sync.