Sendgrid + bubble

Is there a detailed tutorial about haw to set up sendgrid + bubble integration on both bubble and sendgrid side ? Like what are the minimum requirements on both sides in order to be able to setup a transactional email in bubble ?
Cause I haven’t found anything like that and it looks that Im just too dumb to set it up on my own :confused:
Im trying to set it up in a free plan which means that I don’t have my own domain connected yet.

I managed to get the General API key and added to the plugin. That seems fine I guess. I think that on sendgrid part is something missing.

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General rule: worth searching the forum before posting!

In this case, the top result for searching “Sendgrid” is the best resource on it, and probably what you’re looking for: [Beginners Guide] to Sending Emails With Sendgrid - Work in Progress!

Also, please note that after the free trial the API will not be working … thus your integration to Sendgrid will not either

Hey Jacob, I was searching. The problem is that I havent searched for “sendgrid” but rather various long tail expressions and I havent found this article. Thx for posting and forgive me :slight_smile:

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