"Select all" for Checkboxes or Ionic Toggles?

Hi everyone.

I seem to have run into an issue trying to recreate the “Wordpress Admin Style” checkbox in which it can select all the checkboxes in a repeating group.

I set the repeating groups toggle state to Dynamic and linked it to the state of the “Bulk toggle”. Everything works great, until you change the toggle of one of the repeating group entries. Once pressed, it no longer follows the rest of the entries being toggled by the “Bulk Toggle”

Please see images. It seems like it would be so obvious, but I am stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I am not entirely sure of this but you could try adding a conditions.


Could you tie the preset value of the checkboxes in the repeating group (under conditional) to the masterbutton’s state?

I actually tried to do that, and it works until you uncheck one of the repeating group entries, and then it doesn’t follow the rest of them.

It’s by design that once an input has been changed by the user, the default content doesn’t impact the value. If you reset the input though, that behavior comes back. Hope this helps.


Thank you! I will try this tomorrow.

Hi Emmanuel,
I can’t seem to figure out how to apply a conditional that would reset the inputs. I tried to do a “When condition is true” in the Workflow for the Ionic Toggle, but can’t seem to figure out the wording behind it. The repeating group checkbox doesn’t appear in the list.

You could probably reset the whole repeating group (clear list).