Reset checkbox without reloading page

I have a checkbox in a repeating group which I want to reset by workflow. Reset data or reset input doesn’t work .

How can I do this?

pop it inside a group…then reset group


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Thank you bubbleboy, problem is that the group is not available to be selected from the workflow, possibly because it is in a repeating group?

Sorry missed the RG…i’m pretty sure if you make is a re-usable element you can…

This may do something similar …

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@Bubbleboy, I also have a hide/show condition which is triggered by another element. This condition can not be triggered when the checkbox is a reusable element.

@NigelG, it took me a bit to work through it but it works perfectly now. Thank you for your help and the clear example. Love it.

I also needed to understand that the state needs to be set for an element that all other elements, (RG checkbox, buttons) need to be part of.

Thank you for the lesson, well received :slight_smile:

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