Select data to be passed to Input Element

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My challenge is as follows:

I have a Customer Service form that is populated by operators receiving calls. The operator asks for the name of the account and search is done and fields are populated based on the accounts data that is stored. The account has two phone numbers, a mobile number or an office number. Both these numbers are displayed to the operator and the operator would ask, which number should we call you back on.

The call norminates one of the numbers - the operator select that number and the phone number field in the message box is populated with that number.

I do not know how to get that workflow to work. Click the number and populate the phone number Input with that value.

Any assistance would e greatly appreciated,

Many thanks


You could pass the selected phone number to a custom state (or group) and have the input’s default value set to that custom state or group’s value.

Thank you so much. I did that and it worked. I was trying exactly that but could not get it to work an then something in what you said told me I was doing something wrong. Fixed and working so a massive thank you!!

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