Select in SQL Database Connector keeps initializing


I’m fairly new to however I wanted to start connecting a external database to the platform. However every time I try to create a “SELECT” query it keeps initializing and never stops.

I can create tables and add items with the “SQL Database Connector” however I can’t seem to Select items.

I do know another table is suppose to pop up for return value creation from documentation of other people and seeing it elsewhere.

if anyone knows what I’m doing wrong or knows the fix I’d appreciate it very much!

Thank you!

Found the issue for everyone to laugh at me or help a newbie like myself.

you have to place a limit at the end of SELECT. it was telling me this but I thought it was just saying it wouldn’t return anything greater the 200…

So now it looks like:
SELECT * FROM tutorials_tbl WHERE tutorial_id = ? LIMIT 5