Selected Items from Repeating Group (Calendar) into Individual Database Entries

(Its my first Bubble Forum post.)

I have a calendar, from which users can select dates (using the Ionic Icon checkbox). Each date selected is added to a list using a custom state “selected” (to allow people the flexibility to check and uncheck dates before submitting). When dates are unchecked, the unchecked date is removed from the list (:minus item).

Upon selecting “submit”, I would like an individual record for each date selected to be turned into a single entry in my “Schedule” table. So if a user selects October 12, October 14 and October 20, each of these days would be written into my Schedule database where the:

  • User is the current user
  • Start date is the date selected
  • Blocked day status is set to “yes”’

I prefer NOT to write each checkbox “click” to the database, because users will be submitting schedules for multiple months (up to 6) in a single session and will likely want to make changes before submitting.

Broader Context: my calendar is being used to set a schedule of availability (think of it like tutors). I want instructors to have the ability to set “blocked days” and “scheduled days” - blocked days are days instructors know in advance they do not wish to be asked in advance to pick up extra days that are not currently in their schedule.

Any thoughts?