Selecting a categorie based on recent click

I want to be able to adjust the data being displayed in the product overview. However I can’t figure out how to set the categorie to the recent clicked category.

I don’t exactly understand the use case but I assume you want to show recent category? Can’t you use a custom state for this?

Besides that and if needed, I think you can also use a custom state (list) for recent products. you add each clicked product that is being clicked on. When the custom state reach a limited number of items you remove the first item from the custom state.

Then you use the custom state to show recent products in a repeating group. Just a thought.

Well I would want that if I click on for example “schoen” that the repeating group only displays products with the category “schoen” .

Set a custom state of the page / group with clicking on the “filter”.

Then you use conditional formatting inside the repeating group and adjust the Data Source of the repeating group.

What do you mean? How would this work, I just started with bubble so some things are still new to me.

check some basics first:
custom states: Using Custom States - Bubble Docs
conditional formatting: Conditional Formatting - Bubble Docs

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