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How to display repeating group by clicking a cell in another repeating group

Please I’m a new upcoming bubble developer. I need help on how to display content in repeating group by their categories from the database.
I have two repeating groups one displays the categories as tab to be click and I want corresponding data of the selected category to be displayed on the second repeating group.

Something like this sample image.

Hi @draytechsolution,

You could try doing the following:

  1. create a state “active category” for the page/ category repeating group
  2. when user clicks on any category → set state “active category” as this category clicked
  3. in second repeating group. add a constraint in the data source: category = “active category” state
  4. click on ignore empty contraints.
  5. Make sure when a user clicks on all guides, the active category state is empty.

Hope this helps!!

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Thanks @nocodelib this is helpful and works fine, I’m very grateful.

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Happy to help :blush:

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