Selecting Multiple Objects and Scrolling

I’m really new to Bubble, just signed up few hours ago. I’m trying to figure out the interface (working from iPad Pro with pen and USB keyboard).

Trying to select multiple objects and align them (items in my menu inside the header), I am unable to select the 3 text objects constituting the menu. I tried to select one and then anther holding control keys or other but that didn’t work, I tried dragging the selection tool around the items, but somehow they the selection frame doesn’t appear, I tried zooming in and then the selection tool appears, but while moving the selection, the whole page scrolls of equally the same distance in the same direction, so I end up seeing nothing while everything I try to select is sliding off-screen…

What’s up with that? How can I select the items I require to align? Am I not doing things right?

Hi @benjamin1, welcome to Bubble!

The issue is with the iPad, as Bubble is not optimized to run the editor on those types of devices. Have you tried on a laptop of desktop to see if this issue persists?

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Hi and thanks. I realize now that the issue is only on iPad. I have tried on a laptop and the issue isn’t there. My laptop is old and coughing though, so that’s bad news for me. Too bad, I was looking forward to sit back and edit on the iPad. Any idea if it will be supported in the future? Would be very cool.

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Anytime :slight_smile:

I’m not quite sure, to answer your question. I’ve seen a few topics on the forum regarding it, but don’t recall if it was in Bubbles roadmap. Might be a question for the team at Bubble.