Developing apps on a tablet

Has anyone developed apps on Bubble using an iPad or other tablet, as opposed to a PC/laptop? Were you successful? What issues did you encounter?

So we did some stuff that let you drag and drop on the page on an ipad, double tap to select, etc. That should work, but I wouldn’t pretend the editor experience is optimized for touch device…


Is there any plans to optimize the app to work on a Tablet, Surface or an iPad?

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I went to the store intending to get a new laptop, but came home with an iPad Pro (with keyboard and pencil) instead.
I have used it for Bubble development for the past two days and the experience has been mostly positive. There are a few frustrating glitches, but I haven’t encountered any total deal breakers yet.

Main issues I’m experiencing:
Please note that I’m in China and some of these issues may be related to ISP latency.

Occasional “page was reloaded” for no apparent reason.
Some inconsistency in handling touch/pencil tap events when selecting/deselecting checkboxes and editing conditional statements.
Inability to drag “edit element” windows around the workspace. This can be a problem if they are too low on the page and I need to choose from a list, but can’t see the whole list.
Sometimes it is difficult to edit text, but I found that the rich text editor seems to work fine.
Unable to copy/paste expressions.
Unable to copy/paste workflows.

Is anyone else developing on an iPad or other tablet? Are you having a similar experience? Have you found any workarounds? Have you tried adjusting any of the accessibility setting on the iPad for handling touch events? Have you noticed any difference between browsers?


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Maybe its a stupid question but how we can set up the double tap for an element ?

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