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Selecting Multiple Random Users + Adding them to List Field Type

Hi @emmanuel @georgeciobanu,

Could you direct me to a set of references that could allow me to extract a list of random users from the Users table? Been going at it for a while but still no solution.

I was able to obtain a single user’s property using the following:

but was unable to extract a list of multiple randomized users using a repeating group nor add them to a column field type of ‘List of Users’:

Direction will be appreciated!

I think your issue here is that target is of type user, and you’re trying to stick a list of users in in. Not sure what you’re trying to do, but it sounds like you should change the target field.

@emmanuel Thanks for the reply. I was attempting to extract a list of users from a repeating group and add them to a data column (list of Users) via a button click:

Haven’t found a solution yet.

Two questions:
(1) Is there no other way to bulk add User data other than doing so via per-current-cell-user basis as shown in the public app above?
(2) Can we get a repeating group to display a list of random users as opposed to having a text display a single random user?

Use “add list” rather than add ?


Thanks, @NigelG. You are my hero.

Any thoughts/insights on #2 by chance? Extracting a single random user has been done, but this one is still a work in progress…

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So like … A random 5 users. .

@NigelG If you mean select/extract 5 random users, yes!

Interesting !

And of course you don’t want to pick a user multiple times.