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Data in repeating group

I have a repeating group with a set of businesses and their images. When a user logs in I want them to only be able to see the businesses who’s name are attached their user profile. I created a field in users called contractors (the businesses) and made it a list of contractors. My problem now is that I can’t add any contractors to the list from the data tab. What am I missing?

This is pretty common for lists you can’t change them in the data tab and need to create an admin entry to edit or modify those fields. So you didn’t miss anything just create a little admin screen where you can take care of this and see what’s there.

You can also try creating a Type of thing called Contractors (or whatever you want it to be) and add your list there. Include a filed for users and add a condition to the repeating group to return only Contractors whose user matches the current user.

@sean wouldn’t I run into the same issue if I wanted to modify the list of users?

@john3 can you clarify? Your saying creating an admin screen within the application? Would this consist of a repeating group that just shows the data, and some input that allows me to edit it?

Yes that’s right - just create a display and edit functions as described in the doc definining what list you want to work on


Looks like I’m not setting the workflow properly. What’s the correct way to achieve the admin function.


That usually means the types are not the same is user and this input both the same type - ie list of texts and text? If you push the little issue triangle at the top of the bubble editor it will give you some insight as well.

Only if the contractors had more than one user, unless you had an input for those. Is all of your data set up without inputs?

@sean @john3 I think I’ve almost got it. So I decided that it made more sense to have the contractors shown be filtered by users. So I created a field type in contractors called users and it is a list of users. The question is how do you add more users to a list of users?

to clarify: I created an icon that would make a change to that field using an input. The inputs type is email but that doesn’t compute to bubble as adding a user. So I just want to know the right way to add users to a list of users

I think you can just use the add to list command as above.
When a user selects their contractor just put in the workflow to add the current user id to the users field in the contractors table for the selected contractor.

If the list of users are the Type User, then the input type would also have to be User. Victor’s suggestion might be the easiest solution. If you need to add users other than the current user to the list, then you will need to change the input from an email type to a user type with the email as a field.