selectPDF and reading URL data

Anyone know how to send not only the data over to the page to create a PDF using SelectPDF but also how to send over a URL Parameter at the same time. I can send over the data but it won’t show what I need it to because it’s not sending over the URL Parameter as well. Is there way to send over the data and a parameter? Thanks!

What you can do is select external URL instead of Internal Page then you can type the main part of the url and add you parameter at the end.

If i select external URL then i can’t choose what data to send. Any ideas?

You have to manually write the url like this. If you need to send parameters just add ?= to the end and add whatever parameter on the end.

Dear bubbler’s,

I have a similiar issue with selectPDF and reading URL data. Destination URL including the parameters works fine in a link but within the workflow (Generate PDF from a web page) it does not display any data in the generated report.

It looks like parameter from Dropdown Firma Filter’s value’s Firma is correct but not Date/TimePicker Periode von’s value and Date/TimePicker Periode bis’s value.

Are there any known issues with date fields or has somebody an idea how to fix this problem?

Any help would be more than appreciated.

You know, SelectPDF does have a weird thing with dates.

I had to redo all my pages and configure the dates as “text” fields for it to read it properly (I just made another data field called something like “dateTEXT” so I wouldn’t confuse myself). SelectPDF doesn’t display dates accurately.

Not sure if this helps you or not. Just thought I would mention it. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for these inputs. I‘m going to check if text fields could be a fix for my app as well.

I know this is an old post but I’m gonna try anyways:

Have you had any issues with privacy doing it this method? When I switch from Internal Page to External URL now it’s not following the privacy rules viewing the page as the Current User. Instead it just doesn’t show any data like it’s not logged in