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SelectPDF not printing correctly

Hey Guys,

we ran into an issue with selectPDF and have no idea what we are doing wrong. Our last resort is asking the bubble community for help, else we are going to look for another way to create our PDFs.

We have customer information stored in our datebase (stored on a thing called “job”). In order to allow our reps to create PDF offers, we set up a page which resembles our offer template and is filled with customer data. The page is accessed when the rep clicks on a link that ends with /xxx?ReferenceID=RandomSixDigitString.

The page is filled with the correct data, however, when we generate the PDF, all fields are always populated with the first job entry in our database.

Here is our workflow on the printing page - labeling the file works fine, however, as stated above, the content is always wrong.

Thanks for any hints / feedback!


Hey Julian,

A few questions that may help you troubleshoot:

  1. What does your external website link look like? Is that part of this…?
  2. Is there any chance you have multiple test jobs with the same reference number?

A link to your editor can help the community troubleshoot a little faster if you’re able to share. Also, is there a secondary constraint you can add to ensure you’re pulling the correct job? Maybe the latest modified one?

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

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