Selectpdf really slow when exporting to PDF

Let’s talk about that in a few weeks. Since we already have the feature, and it’s hard to say how fast jspdf would be since saving to S3 takes time, not sure that’s the first thing to do (even on a sponsored basis).

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Let´s talk about that in a few weeks then.

I just want to throw into the mix… There’s an API… And it can do much more than just PDFs

How you configure cloudconvert to get PDFs?

Did you get any success on it?


Oh, no… I have no choice but to use SelectPDF… I am a total-no-coder.
I have used Cloudconvert outside of Bubble, and it’s just fantastic…

Haha, me too no coder.

I´ve seeing their site and it seems they have some API that could work but don´t know how to use it.

I think we´ll have to wait till @emmanuel can tell us something about it. Maybe they figure out how to make it faster.

@ryanck @raymond raymond Except this time-issue, just to know, is there something else wrong about SelectPDF ? I’m using it and the potential customizations for rendering offer large possibilities. Much more than jspdf at least.

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I haven’t started using it yet.

Is not really slow when exporting to PDF for you?

Also do you have any guide or something to customize the PDF? It would be really nice to see it.


Select PDF is quite slow to render the page.
To customise the PDF we have a separate URL page in the Editor where we set up the page to look exactly how we want it.

@emmanuel do you have any update about the speed of the selectPDF plugin? or should we start looking to another way to do it?

Thanks a lot.

No update, it’s on their end, so independent of bubble.

I see. Thanks.

Hi @emmanuel, is there any update on the possible integration of PDF generation systems other than selectpdf? Apparently no one can get selectpdf to work properly plus their pricing model is not really friendly

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Not really. Selectpdf works okay when you’re not loading a repeating group. It’s not perfect though…

That’s something we’d consider on a sponsored basis as we already have something there.


I´m currently using SelectPDF and it works well if you don´t need a fast export to PDF feature since it could take about 8-10 seconds each time you export to PDF.

I would be interested sponsoring improvements to SelectPDF

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me too, not only do I think $20 per month is a bit expensive for this feature, it is also very slow and I’m getting a lot of complaints about that.

Willing to sponsor for sure!

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The best way to use SelectPDF I found, was in a Scheduled API Workflow. I trigger it on page load, and it runs in the background then emails them a link once done. User does not notice load time and it automatically emails them.

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I manage orders with more than 200 buyers each. When a grouped order is finished, about half of the invoices are well generated throught SelectPDF, and I don’t know why.
@emmanuel, if we could have access to error messages returned from third party services, it would be great. Right now we don’t have a clue about what’s going on with our Endpoints.