Selectpdf really slow when exporting to PDF

Hello guys,

I´ve been playing a bit with the selectPDF plugin for printing invoices but it´s really really slow.

Anyone know if there is a particular configuration to keep in mind so it can make the PDF faster?

Or if anyone developed a workaround to get a fast export to PDF.

Right now it´s so slow that I cannot think about deploying something with this plugin.

Thanks a lot.

have you read this post Select Pdf set up ?

Yes I did. What about it?

As it’s slow, and nothing on our side can be done to make it faster (as far as I m aware), I would advice to generate your invoices in advance throught an API endpoint so Bubble works on background.

Thanks for your reply,

That´s not possible. Do you know any workaround or plugin or something?

Thanks @nicolas.daprigny

sorry, i don’t.
Using the API endpoint, sending the invoice link to your custom in an email so your sure the PDF has been printed maybe

Thanks nicolas,

There should be an easy way. I mean it´s just an export to PDF.

Maybe some other will know?


Have you tried Webmerge?

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What is an API endpoint? How do you do this?

There is actually quite some stuff happen to export as PDF… Render the page, generate the pdf, save it to S3. This can probably be done faster on the pdf side, but it will still take some time…

Thanks for your replies and do you know another plugin or workaround to make it instantaneous?

@raymond I´ve seen Webmerge but it´s not integrated with Bubble, is it?

Thanks a lot.

@ryanck I don’t know of any other plugins. Webmerge is not integrated with Bubble but you can run it through Zapier but then you are limited by the number of fields (I think). Alternatively there is an option for Webmerge to collect the data from a HTML page.

I haven’t tried it yet but I’m busy with an app that has approximately 1000 document templates that can be populated dynamically. I’m going to use the second option for Webmerge to accomplish this.

Thanks @raymond

The webmerge guy is really helpful. Let´s see how can we get this accomplished.

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Just send an email to the webmerge guys so maybe they can tell us something about how to accomplish this in an easy way.

I´ll keep updated.

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There is also

But I don´t even know how to configure that on Bubble. I´ve seen how it works and it works really great.

Maybe you can take look @raymond

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Appreciate it!:slight_smile:

Looks good. It will be great if we can get it to work. Have you used it?

I´ve used it and it works really really great but when saying that I´ve used I mean I´ve seen it working. Don´t know how to deploy this on Bubble.

@emmanuel said that we could sponsor that which it will be great if some others are interested too and all of us sponsor this thing.

I don´t know how much it will be to sponsor this but I can tell you that in other platforms it works like charm.

What do you think @raymond ?

Let’s have a look at the costs. I’m sure others will be interested as well.

@emmanuel could you tell us how much would it be to sponsor the jspdf for a way to export to PDF?

Thanks a lot.

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