NoCodeSetup template marketplace – Makers, Let's Partner!

Hey Makers!

My name is Andrew, I’m the founder of We are building a marketplace of no-code courses and templates.

We are looking for makers who would like to place their apps as templates in our marketplace to get an additional passive income. Modified version of your original app (to escape cloning of your app) is also acceptable.

To get more info, please feel free to contact me: [email protected]

Happy New Year to all of you!) :snowman_with_snow: :christmas_tree: :star2:

Best regards,
Andrew Ladoshkin
Email: [email protected]

Hi Andrew,

I might be misunderstanding, so I’m hoping you can clarify. I was under the impression that app templates could be sold only through Bubble’s marketplace platform. How exactly does purchasing, payment, and transfer of the purchased item work with your service?

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for your question. Currently we are making R&D to find an optimal way for that.
By the moment, I see that it’s possible to make it the way Zeroqode has implemented it. There are other template marketplaces too, so technically it’s possible to make it anyway.

Last I knew Zeroqode links to a Payment page that is within Bubble, so the transaction still occurs through Bubble which is best for both parties (ease of distributing the template and more trustworthy for the buyer)

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Thanks for the reply, @AndrewLadoshkin. However, you might want to re-read the Exclusivity clause in the Bubble terms of service

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Thanks for the info, Steve. This is exactly how Zeroqode has implemented it.

Exactly. All transactions are through Bubble. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have additional venues for promoting / advertising one’s templates and plugins though. :+1:

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