Selling Bubble App + Website

Hi All,
I have a professionally built Bubble app (built by Currently in grad school and no time to progress the project. Spent around $15,000 (

I also have a Wordpress website ( as well that works as the top funnel for getting subscribers (roughly 250 person email list) and has generated around $8,000 in revenue in the last 6months from affiliate and paid partnerships.

Looking to sell them both together for $16k.

Not sure the best way to get the word out so I figured I start here. I’ve got good case studies from the website and there is a solid path forward for someone with the time to take this project on.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Try listing here


Thank you. Will check it out.

This was built by Airdev for 15k? They really didn’t do a ton of design work on the front end. But I hope for the best for you.