Seeking Buyer for very well known Bubble SaaS business

Hi all,

After nearly 2 years of working full time on my SaaS business in the artificial intelligence/social media space, the founders and I have decided to sell the business. It is a pure nocode application built on Bubble, and has a very well know brand name and strong brand awareness in the market.

Currently over 2.5k users.

We are looking to sell the business ideally to another Bubbler (for ease of transfer). I have obviously not named the company here but happy to discuss privately.

If anyone would be interested in taking over the company with existing user base, website, marketing, social media account (7.5k likes) and has the capital to do so, please drop me a direct message.



I would be interested to know more also


I am here because I was looking or a very good social media app built on bubble that I can customize. But I am interested in discussing the business if it is still for sale. If not, an we discuss a very good social media app built on bubble ?

My email is

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