Send data from Reapeting group save in json, and next step send to craft my pdf


I have my repeating group, with a few text value. Source for my reap. group is entity “Proces”. Inside repeating group i have shown free text - two of them show a atributies from entity “System” - this entity is depende of Proces, and thirth show me atribute from entity “Grupa Systemów” which is dependence with “System”

Entity. ‘Proces’ → Entity ‘System’ -->Entity ‘Gropa Systemów’.

And that work. Now i want send my texts from repeating group in json format data to plugin “craftmypdf” but i cannot do it :’( I can send only attributes from source entity - so i can send only “Proces” records…

How i can solve them? How i can use data from repeating group (in deeper than one depedency) outside? Otherwise I think about solution which i need something like loop “for each” and in every record take attribute what i need and save to list of item in new created json list … but …i don’t think nothing simple.

Second option what i think is a temporary entity who i after initailization copy paste elements from real entity but i have not find this option too …

any idea ?