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Send Data to a Group

Been working on a multi-page booking form. When a user completes all the forms on page 1 and click next, a new booking (a data type) is created. They are then redirected to page 2 and I have it specified to send “current page’s booking”.

Instead of having users redirected to a page, I want to show and hide groups. So when group 1 is complete and button next is clicked, group 1 is hidden and group 2 is shown. It’s a much more seamless experience.

The problem is that I can’t seem to send data to this group 2 like I could with the page 2 for easy retrieval from the database. I’m having to use “hacks” like 'search for Bookings whose email address matches the email address (an input field on page/group 1)'s value. But I think this could create issues if lots of people are using the booking form at once.

Anyone have any hints or ideas? I would really appreciate the help.

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Yes, it’s not that difficult. In a workflow, you can choose Element Data: Group->Display Data. For that to work, you need to set the group’s “Type of content”. Just leave the source empty.


Set the group 2 type to “booking” and have your workflow sequence go like this:

Create new booking > hide group 1 > show group 2 > display data: select group 2, data to display = result of step 1.

Now you can use group 2’s booking as a source.


@soeren Yes, exactly.

This works perfectly. Thanks so much for all help!

If I wanted to continue the chain, with a page/group 3, I assume I would just select “parent group’s booking” as the data source for the ‘display data’?

Yep. If the button to trigger moving to group 3 is inside group 2, then parent group’s booking will be group 2’s booking.

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