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[SOLVED] Send date via workflow from one group to another

I have a one page website, all within index, groups are shown or hidden instead of going to a new page.

In one group I have a list of Customers. The user can click on a Customer’s name and that closes the current group (page) and shows a new group which will display the chosen customer details.

How can I display the chosen customers name? I am unsure how to refer to the chosen customer if the first group is hidden? If I try Parent group's customer details that doesn’t work.

Ordinally, if I were going to from page to page I would ‘send’ the data and can then refer to that. But this is a single page app. My hunch is that when the user first clicks on a Customer’s name, I perhaps need to ‘store’ the details to then refer to?

Any ideas guys?

Use the workflow action display data in group and set that group to be type customer

Thanks Jared, I didn’t realise we could do that. It still didn’t work, although I think I am close. In my workflow I used action display data in group but I am unsure what the ‘element’ setting should be. I have set it as the group where the user first sees the list of his/her Customers.


Then, I tried to display that info on the next group but in preview is is blank?

The element should be the group where you want the customer data to be displayed.

Got it working, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

We all in this ToGetHer bro :wink:. Have fun Bubbling!

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haha I like that!

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