Need help making API POST values dynamic


I’ve created a POST that works with static values but haven’t been successful pulling these values instead from my database dynamically. Here’s what I’ve got thus far…

My API POST looks like this and has static values. I want instead to pull, event.start.utc and event.end.utc from my database.

Not sure I’m on the right path (b/c it doesn’t work), but here goes…

I’ve set up an API workflow to pull data from my database. It looks like this:
A new event is created/button is clicked. This has an attached workflow that triggers an API workflow.

I then have an API endpoint that passes the data from the workflow to the POST

Anyone spot why this doesn’t work? If you have an example of your own, I’d love some screenshots. Thanks.

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I wish I could help but I am not familiar with posting data from other databases yet, and the images aren’t expanding for some reason.

Hi there,

I think you are confusing two similar things here.

Although your screenshots are not that clear, for your use case the set-up your are doing in your first screen shot should be enough to meet your needs. The “API connector” is for sending data to an external web-service and receiving the response in bubble. Once it is configured (make sure the URL and parameters you need to make dynamic are “client-safe”) you can use it in your workflow with the option to “Call External API”, where you can set the parameters dynamically.

The second screen shot shows “API workflow” which is for getting data into bubble. I do not think you need it for the use case you are describing. The “API connector” should be more than enough.

Hi Madras,

I want to be sure I understand the clarification. And, where is “Call External API?”

My current set up is:
Button is clicked has attached workflow -> triggers an API workflow/endpoint.

How would you recommend I change the set up?

Hi there,

I have set up an example on bubble open App

Also, created an API connector called “API call - Math”, also available on the same bubble open App

As you can see, it picks up the user’s input and uses an external API to calculate the result.

The external API details are available here:

Hope this helps!


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@madras I can’t thank you enough. Your info helped us make a tremendous step forward today. Thanks!

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@supernaturally - Cool ! Don’t know what I did exactly, but glad it helped :slight_smile:

Hi Madras,

I have found this old thread, but stil unclear for me to…
I have checked your forumapp3 but can’t find it, because the API connector plugin is not installed (anymore?)

I also can’t find the “Call External API” instruction…

Thanks a lot for helping me!

Also having the same issue here, looked at the example and it was unclear where the API call was defined to allow for dynamic values.

Hi Nicolas,

I just found out why… :innocent:

Check in the API connector Plugin your Call and you have to initialize the Call first

If the setup is not ok that the red comment is still visible!

Once done right it is gone:

Note that “Private” must be empty to be able to fill with dynamic data

if you have done that it will appear in the workflow of your page:

than you can enter dynamic data: