Send Email on Scheduled API Workflow problem

I have a ‘send email’ as an action under a backend API Workflow. As I was testing yesterday, this was working fine.

But upon testing it again today (with the same accounts, same scenarios) it appears that this particular Send Email on API Workflow is not working anymore. Other ‘Send Email’ that are not in backend workflow are working just fine.

Anybody experiencing the same?


Yes! Many of my workflows that involve sending emails have suddenly stopped working when they involve using a backend workflow! Wonder what is happening?

Have you raised a ticket with Bubble?

I’ve raised a bug report with Bubble. Hopefully a solution is found quickly as this is causing major issue for my app.

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Thanks for raising a bug report. Hopefully they can fix this asap or at least acknowledge the bug report.

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Yes hopefully! Nothing yet. Must be affecting many users if we’re both seeing the same issue. Mine only started around 6pm yesterday (UK Tme)