Backend API Send Email Bug?

Pretty sure I’m running into a bug with the Send email part of the backend API workflow. Everything looks correct in my workflows. The app has been working fine up until about two days ago and then just quit working. I rebuilt the backend API workflow assuming I did something wrong there and it’s still not working. Below is my work. Data goes to the database, but will not send an email.

The app is running on the most up-to-date version of Bubble.


Have you double checked the logs to see what values are used in the email fields for send to, cc, subject etc?

Yes, I just double checked it. Everything shows in the log perfectly as it should.

If everything in the logs shows it is fine, as in the workflow ran successfully and the values were correct, it is not an issue in Bubble it would be in Sendgrid.

Have you setup your email in the settings of the App?

I’m not using Sendgrid, Postmark, or any other plugins. This is the native Bubble email system. It should not be required. Like I said, my app was working fine until a few days ago.

That uses Sendgrid

That doesn’t make sense. How could the email function work before if I never did anything with Sendgrid before?

I totally agree, it is misleading. If not setup, the email account used is the generic one used for all Bubble developers, which is likely on every blacklist, and has usage limitations, it’s amazing that it sometimes gets through at all

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Yeah, that’s so bizarre. In learning how to do these things, I never once had it shown to me that I had to register SendGrid. People always told me that nobody used Bubble’s primary email system, but it’s the only thing I could get to work. I did get SendGrid to work as that was very straight forward.

@boston85719 Thank you for pointing this out. I had no idea I had to use this as no tutorial had ever watched or looked over ever showed this was needed.

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Yeah… I personally don’t recommend Sendgrid to anyone unless you get a dedicated IP because their shared IPs are on so many blacklists, which in turn, makes the deliverability bad. I always go with Postmark :wink: Why? There’s a whole thread about it :sweat_smile: Postmark is awesome

I had a client who was 30 years experienced with email systems and he always used SendGrid. When we spoke about the issues that people often raise in the forum regarding SendGrid he highlighted the idea that likely people are not registering their domain and verifying ownership, which can lead to issues of non-deliverable emails.

When I went through the process of making a choice of which email system to use, I kept in mind the expected/hoped future in which I could afford a dedicated IP, and of all things that I looked at, Postmark included, SendGrid had the cheapest dedicated IP so it felt like a good choice as I might be able to reach a dedicated IP earlier than if I were to have chosen one of the other providers who are a more costly.

I don’t have any experience to give recommendations of one provider over the other, and it does seem like a lot of Bubble users find Postmark easier to work with.

Interesting – I personally had issues even after verifying my domain with SPF and DKIM on Sendgrid. Specifically, emails that were outlook (i.e., Microsoft, Hotmail) or Yahoo emails weren’t being delivered.

At one point, I had to put an alert up on my site that email weren’t working while I migrated my whole site to use Postmark. It was a pain in the butt – don’t want anyone else to go through the same issue :sweat_smile:

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