Upload image urls to bubble storage from Backend Workflow

I tried to add the image URLs to an image field in a data type but it is not saved in Bubble storage and still uses the same URL.

Is there a way to upload image URLs to bubble storage from the backend workflow?

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Can you explain what are you trying to do here? Probably with images of what you’ve done.

Working on the same issue – if I understand yours correctly – and will update if/when I have a solution.

The issue is that when you are working with an image URL from a 3rd party and you dynamically insert it as the value of the image uploader, when running the workflow to save that to a field type image in your database, you end up with the 3rd party image URL in your field’s value. It doesn’t save the image to Bubble storage the same way it does when you’re uploading it from your desktop, for example.

Anyone knowing solutions already, happy to hear from you :slight_smile: .

An update - this plugin will take a photo from any URL and push it over to the file storage area File Uploader Bubble API Plugin | Bubble… so it’s in Bubble storage technically, but how to read the URL out of there?

If anyone happens to know how to read URLs within Bubble’s file storage area from the editor?

Hey if anyone is still looking how to do this, it’s super easy and you don’t need anything external to Bubble.

  1. Go to your File Manager and upload a file.

  1. Click the file when it’s uploaded and then copy the path from the location field in your browser.

  1. Add the API Connector Plugin

  2. Create a simple GET API call with Data type: image

Use the path from step two to initialize it.

  1. Now in your backend workflow, you can call that API end point for the value of the image field.

And voila! it works


Of course, Bubble will upload a new copy of it, even if you are using the same URL as something already in file storage. But oh well.

You should be able to use any image path URL with this, but I haven’t tested it beyond my use case.

Be forewarned, this is a sloooooow process when you are iterating over thousands of records.


Soo good, thank you! Always loving something without needing a plugin

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