Send images full urls list contained in a list of images field

Hi, I just started using bubble and it’s my first request on the forum, so I hope to do everything correctly.

In my database I created a data type called “Immobile”, and in this data type I inserted a field “Immagine” set as list of images


I created a plugin using API connector that is used in a workflow to send in addition to the rest also the list of images contained in the "Immagine" field to a third part.

Json body required by third part
in the json body of the api request I should be able to send my image list as follows :


so I tried these setting:


JSON body

“image_loop”: [{

  •    "image":"<img_loop>"}*
  • ]*

The problem with these settings is that what I get is a correct url list of the images, but without leading “https:”.


What should be the correct workflow setting to get the required body json by the third part?