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We run a 2-sided marketplace on which boat owners place projects and businesses can respond to perform the work. Trying to rebuild this in and almost there! I have a final piece of our workflows to complete: I need to notify business of a new project being published.

I’ve tried this unsuccessfully: Run a “SendGrid API - Send email with BCC” workflow step and put a list of email addresses of User objects (that match the search criteria) in the BCC field; - this just sends an email to the first in the list and ignores the rest of the list.

Two questions:

  • Am I missing something in being able to get the Sendgrid plugin to accept a list of BCC email-addresses?


  • Is there a way to get a list of database-objects, Users in this case, and then apply a workflow to each of these?

Any pointers would be much appreciated. Cheers, Mark

Hey @mark2,

You should take advantage of API Workflows if you have to loop over things!

For example, the Send email with SendGrid plugin may not support multiple recipients just yet but you can achieve the same goal by initiating a call multiple times. It may be easier for you to create an Email API which has the parameters you’ll need for your email and then have the appropriate ‘Send email’ action. Be sure to enable ‘This app exposes a POST/Workflow API’ in your project’s Settings > API tab so you can access the API Workflows page at the bottom of your page selector.

If you need more help with the Sendgrid plugin or something else, give us a shout. :slightly_smiling_face:

How you get the list of emails is dependant on your application, but the “list” is just going to be a search or a list on another thing (so list of users).

Then run an API workflow on the list …


This method has the distinct advantage of being customisable in terms of recipient. So you can send “Hey Jeff” by looking up a User’s FirstName.


(in my example, the emails are copied in as a list, rather than on the Db, but the idea is the same). Pass in a USER rather than a TEXT to the API.

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Hello @NigelG, @copilot,

Excellent! Thanks for pointing me to the API solution. This is a perfect fit.

Cheers, Mark

I´m in the exact spot as Mark. I´m trying to send emails as BCC through the SendGrid plugin and it´s only accepting the first email address. I´m using the Send with BCC option. So does it or doesn´t it work?

I want to add that I´m using transactional templates in SendGrid with variables so it´s very convenient to use the SendGrid plugin versus trying to figure out how to do it manually with the API connector.

This will help me move on and try something else or keep trying to make it work.

Hey @AlonsoC,

You can consult the solution above that we posted and @NigelG further explained. We build platforms that require multiple email recipients for emails all the time, and it’s totally doable. If you need one-on-one help with respect to understanding API Workflows, feel free to reach out to learn more. :slight_smile:

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thanks I´ll give a try to the suggested solutions. Have a great one!

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