Send PDF to User Automatically

I have a platform where a user fills out information and then based on their input, a customized display with text, images, etc. is shown to them. I would like to have this display automatically generated as a PDF and sent by email to the user without the user clicking to manually create and send or download the PDF themselves.

It looks like I can use SelectPDF to create it but I would like it automatically generated when the user submits their information (and send by email) and not make them have to click to generate one or download.

Thanks for your help.

There’s a new pdf plugin coming New PDF plugin - call for testers!
and it will do exactly what you needed, if you can wait. :wink:

This really depends on how you’ve designed your app, but the first idea that comes to mind is to put the generate PDF action in the workflow you save the data in and then the send email action.

I need to launch by December 1. Is that too early? What’s your timeframe? Sounds amazing and could always upgrade in the future to your solution.

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Hmm. The PDF needs to be of the output that the Bubble app displays to the user. I have been trying to see if I can make the “submit responses” button the trigger for the email and display. I’ll try it out.