Send two data types to a page

I’ve run into an issue I hope someone can help with. It seems like there should be a simple fix but I cant figure it out!

I have a “module” page where users fill in answers which is then saved to their own “company” answers (progress). If the users are from the same company the previously saved answers are populated when the “module” page is accessed. This is done by “Current User’s Company’s Progress…”. I want the data to be accessed not through the Current User’s Company (so the admins with a different Company can still see the page and that Company’s progress). The previous page is a Company data type, which I want to transfer to the next page, but also need to send data type Module.

Is there a way of allocating the same Company as the previous page to the Module page, without using the “data to send” as thats already in use with the Module type?

I’ve looked at “send more parameters to the page” but that seems to add single pieces of info in the URL, rather than a data type.


Try sending the unique IDs of each Thing as parameters! That’s a single piece of info that you can then use to populate groups.

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Hello @michaelthuell

you can use “send more parameters to the page”

but before that, when you leave the company page for the second page, in a workflow you do a “make change to company”
thing to change? ID = calculate randomstring (which you define as you wish)
without forgetting to put a condition to this workflow only when "search for company (constraint: name=company’s name)’ first item id is empty

after this you add a new action to the workflow

here you do a go to page B and send more parameters to the page
parameter key = ID
value = parent group’s company ID

on this you will be redirected to the new page with the company ID as a parameter.

once on page B to retrieve data from the Company page you just do a "search to company (constraint: ID = get ID from page url )'first item comment for example

NB: when you do the recovery search, don’t forget to uncheck the “ignore constraint empty” box

Tell me if you get it


thank you for your comments. I’ve got a solution now based on your advice. I sent the Companies Unique ID with the “send more parameters to the page”, then searched the page URL on the next page to reference which company to get the data from.

Is there any benefit by adding the step of “make change to company” like you suggested or is it basically the same using the Unique ID?

Thank you for your help!

it is the same using

You’re welcome @michaelthuell

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