Sending Two Data Types to a Page


So I have two different user types and pages that they can both view and manipulate. User A creates a request User B, User C and User D can all create responses to this request.I have a page where you can view both the request and response. The problem is you can access this page from multiple pages that only have the ability to send either the request data OR the response data when navigating to the page where I would like to see both the request and one of the requests but I can’t.

I have a page where you see requests to the side there is a repeating group of responses. When you click on the response you are take to page VIEW where you can see both the request and response information.

I have another page with all of User B responses. When you click on the response I would like to navigate to page VIEW to see both the request and response information, but i cannot send the request info so I end up with only the response data.

Can anyone think of a way for this to work.

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I think you can use the “send additional data to page” controls to pass the extra information.

Thank you for responding! Are you referring to this checkbox -“Send more parameters to page”? In this instance its not clear how to connect a different data type. Can you provide more detail?

I think you could type the word “response” as the key, then use whatever logic corresponds to “User B’s Response” as the data source.

What this is doing is saying, "Send the current cell’s BIDS to the page, then also send this other bit of data, and call it “response.”

If you share a link to your app editor, I’m happy to take a stab at it.

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In my app I pass multiple things in a notification object that contains two text fields, one with a text version of the type name, the second with the unique identifier of the thing. Have these two filed for each type of thing you wan to pass. The receiver can then look up these things from the db.


Another way to do that is to add field “Response” to your “Request” object in the DB, and to link all the Response objects related to that Request object (to be done upon object creation).

And voila, you only need to send a Request object, and reference anywhere of the page the Responses of the Current Page’s Request.


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Great! I was able to figure this out between everyone’s feedback. I made it so whenever a response is created it will have the same id number as the request. So whenever I need to pull in data, I can “do a search for” a request or response with the same id. So far it is working.

Thank you all for your help!

Just as a tip, using the “do a search for” command isn’t super efficient when you’ve got a lot of data. We recently did a major app update to improve performance, and the trick was eliminating as many of the “do a search for” commands as we could.

Might not be an issue for your depending on how much data is in your app, but thought I’d share!

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I do anticipate having alot of data in the app in the long run. With that being said do you mind taking a look.

This is the link to the page where I am having majority of my problems. The pages below all navigate and send data to this page.

Traveler home>open request>view
Agent home> open Bidst> view

If you’re comfortable sharing, what are some of the ways you cut down on use of the “Do a search for” commands?

I’m hesitant to use fixed lists because it relies on filtering (potentially overexposing data).

I use a concept I call a “joining object.” I’m sure there’s an actual engineery term for it, but basically I do this:

  • I have a student thing with field Ratings (list of ratings)
  • I have a skill thing.
  • I have a rating thing with field Student (type student) and Skill (type skill).
  • When I create a Rating, I assign a Skill and a Student to it. Then, I add that newly created Rating to the Student’s Ratings
  • When I need to show a list of ratings for a specific student, I make sure there’s a parent group that tells me what the student is. Then, I can use, “Parent Group’s Student’s Ratings” as the source, instead of doing a search across the whole database

Looks like there are lot of errors in the app that’s making it hard to test. I was planning to create a new page that was a clone of the current view_bid page and setting up there, but the other errors and stuff are making it a bit tough for me to understand what’s working as it should, and what is actually broken at the moment. Sorry!

No worries. Thank you for trying I will try and clean it up. The errors are coming from the issue I am trying to solve. I will take a stab at what you described above.

Thank you!!

I am not a solid resource for API help, I’ve never used the API connector and am likely to give you bad information. Other folks, such as @romanmg or @NigelG will likely be of more help. Sorry!

Ok thanks!