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Want to store information when user signs up it is diplayed in the dashboard? Need help please!

Here is what I have done in so far! Does anyone know where I have gone wrong?

I’m not sure I understand what the problem is?

When the user logs in with his email and password all of his credentials should display on the Dashboard page, but I cant get this to work, the same credentials come up for every different email address?

I’m confused by how you have the data set up. Here’s what I would have imagined:

  • User is created.
  • User has a field called Name
  • You have a section on the Dashboard for “User’s Name”
  • To call that, you would reference, “Current user’s Name”

In your example, I’m not sure what a “UserInfo” is, or what you’re using it for. I think that’s where your issues are stemming from. Can you share a link to the editor so we can see your data structure?

Here is the link for the application:

Ok, I just made a bunch of changes. You don’t need the “userinfo” thing at all, all those fields should be fields on the User itself.

On the Dashboard page, I changed the “full name” and the “profile picture” to work correctly, you should be able to do the rest. Have you gone through the Bubble training videos?

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