Send user to a specific spot in a repeating group


I’m building a social application which has a feed of all the friends you follow. For example, you can see a list of wines that your friends want to drink.

When you click on the specific post, it takes you to a list of all the wines the friend wants to drink - displayed in a repeating group. My issue is that it takes you to the top of that page, rather than the specific part of the page relating to the wine that was clicked on.

Is there any way to send someone to a specific part of a repeating group on another page?


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You’re looking for “scroll to entry”.

(Of course, you must first pass the entry to the next page, via a url parameter, or via the unique ID of the thing to which you want to scroll, or via some other means. But that is easily done. On your destination page, just scroll to the entry in question. Find this option under Repeating Group actions.)


Ahhhh yep, I wasn’t passing the data to the other page. All sorted now. Cheers @keith!

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